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The Salon Experience
Our salon is nestled in South Woodford, where East London collides with Essex. Easy to reach by public transport or car; with plenty of nearby parking. 

The Jaimie J salon team ensure treatments are delivered with professionalism, precision and care. 


20 years of experience

Jaimie J (Jackson) has over 20 years of experience in Hair Extensions, she opened the salon Jaimie J London in 2003. 

Jaimie J has mastered many techniques in hair extension application, watching trends come and go, selecting the best methods to offer to new and existing clients. Jaimie’s long term clients rave about her talent, skill and genuine interest in making her customers happy! 

As new methods and brands come to market, Jaimie J and her team research a variety of hair extensions systems; because of this, they know which system your particular hair type needs to thrive! 

Come for a consultation with an open mind, and allow for Jaimie J to give you the absolute best advice on what’s best for you hair and lifestyle. 

Our Services



Individually Bonded keratin Extensions come in a variety or brands and colours. Within each brand the size of the bond can differ in size. 


The reason for this, is that it allows for the right size extensions to be used for you. The amount of bonds ordered are specific to you and your needs. 
A consultation is essential to ascertain what the right brand, right type of bond and the right amount of extensions is for you. 


These extensions are only used once and can be worn safely for up to 12 weeks. 

Nano Ring & Luxe Link

Nano Ring and Luxe Link extensions are part of the individually bonded extension family. They come in variety of sizes, colours and lengths.  The reason for this, is that it allows for the right size extensions to be used for you. The amount of bonds ordered are specific to you and your needs. 

One of the main benefits of them is that they are reusable! They can be safely worn for up to 12 weeks, with the hair being reused at least once; some up to a year. Meaning they are a more cost effective sustainable method of hair extension. 

A consultation is essential to ascertain what the right brand, right type of bond and the right amount of extensions is for you. 


Tape Extensions are a great way to have the best of both worlds. Extra volume or length, longevity of hair extensions use and the ability to take them out and pop them back in when you fancy or keep them in for continuous wear. 

Choose from a range of hair extensions, including beautiful hair by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin. Then have it applied. Boom! The tape extensions can then be worn for 6-8 weeks at a time, then be reapplied straight away or removed and applied when you fancy them back in. With continuous wear, hair can last from 6-9 months providing excellent value for money. Give us a call for more information or to book a free consultation. 

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A Free Consultation

Consultations are a necessary part of your hair extension experience. At Jaimie J you will be offered a free consultation. An appointment must be made. At this appointment, Jaimie will look at your hair, how it grows, the condition, the elasticity and the porosity. It’s also the easiest way to chat about what it is your after and wether or not it is achievable. Then an accurate price can be given and a decision can be made. 

Occasionally Jaimie says no to a client, not often but sometimes it has to be a no. Reasons for this might be the clients own hair isn’t in a fit condition for extensions, if a client has been poorly or recently had a baby. Every client is individual and every consultation discovers what it is that makes you and your lifestyle different from someone else’s. 


Less Plastic, Less Waste

As part of Jaimie’s ongoing research and exploration into more sustainable and economical ways to have hair extensions; Jaimie turned her attention to all the products that we use for our hair.

Jaimie now offers a small refillery, so your salon shampoo and conditioner favourites are now available to refill in your own bottles, thus saving plastic and money.

Brands included are Olaplex, BeautyWorks and Faith in Nature, plus many more.


Hairdreams Hair Loss Solutions

At Jaimie J we offer the Hairdreams Hair Loss Solutions. First things first, as always a consultation is a must. The systems are amazing and can be incredibly liberating for ladies who have been suffering for a long time.

They are also a commitment and a discussion is needed to make sure that this is definitely the path you want to go down.
You can find more information on the Hairdreams website .




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