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Hair Extensions are Jaimie J’s “thing”. That means that she has done nothing but hair extensions for 16years, that’s a long time, you could say she is a specialist. In fact that is what Jaimie is.

Jaimie has been in the industry for long time, training originally in synthetic hair extensions as that was really the only thing on the market. Over the years as new brands and new methods have come about, Jaimie has researched and experimented with the different systems. This means that currently she carries 5 brands of hair extensions. Why you ask? The reason for having 5 brands is because each system isn’t suitable for all hair types, by having variety it means you can always have something for everyone.

Jaimie is a dedicated specialist in hair extensions, able to offer a completely bespoke service for every hair type. You’ll meet Jaimie for a one to one consultation where she will thoroughly check out your hair, your expectations and come up with a tailor made service for you.

With Jaimie you will be in excellent safe hands, with nearly two decades worth of experience behind her you will find out all you need to know about hair extensions.

Our Fantastic Brands


Individually Bonded Extensions

The majority of the extensions applied at Jaimie J are individually bonded extensions. They vary from pre-bonded and non pre-bonded. Within each brand the type of bond can vary in size.

The reason for this, is that it allows for the right size extensions to be used for you. The amount of bonds ordered are specific to you and your needs.

A consultation is essential to ascertain what the right brand, right type of bond and the right amount of extensions is for you.

LA Weave

LA Weave is a method of hair extension application. Choose from a selection of hair weft ranging in price and quality and have them applied at the hourly rate.

The method involves applying micro rings to the to your own hair first and then sewing the weft along the top of the rings.

After you have had them applied, you will need a maintenance at 6 weeks and then you’ll need them removed a further 6 weeks later. Lasting 12 weeks in total.

The benefit of LA Weave is that the hair can be worn and reused from 6 – 9 months.

Tape Extensions

Tape Extensions are a great way to have the best of both worlds. Extra volume or length, longevity of hair extensions use and the ability to take them out and pop them back in when you fancy or keep them in for continuous wear.

Choose from a range of hair extensions, including beautiful hair by celebrity stylist Jen Atkin. Then have it applied. Boom! The tape extensions can then be worn for 6-8 weeks at a time, then be reapplied straight away or removed and applied when you fancy them back in.

With continuous wear, hair can last from 6-9 months providing excellent value for money. Give us a call for more information or to book a free consultation.

Please book a free consultation for accurate pricing and to see if your hair is suitable.


Consultations are a necessary part of your hair extension experience. At Jaimie J you will be offered a free consultation. An appointment must be made.

At this appointment, Jaimie will look at your hair, how it grows, the condition, the elasticity and the porosity. It’s also the easiest way to chat about what it is your after and wether or not it is achievable. Then an accurate price can be given and a decision can be made.

Occasionally Jaimie says no to a client, not often but sometimes it has to be a no. Reasons for this might be the clients own hair isn’t in a fit condition for extensions, if a client has been poorly or recently had a baby.

Every client is individual and every consultation discovers what it is that makes you and your lifestyle different from someone else’s.

Hair Loss System

At Jaimie J we offer the Hairdreams Hair Loss Solutions. First things first, as always a consultation is a must. The systems are amazing and can be incredibly liberating for ladies who have been suffering for a long time.

They are also a commitment and a discussion is needed to make sure that this is definitely the path you want to go down.

You can find more information on the Hairdreams website http://www.hairdreams.co.uk/en/hair_problem

Thats How We Roll At Jaimie J's!

Other Services Available

David Ross

David Ross trained and qualified at the world renowned Vidal Sassoon Academy, in London’s West End, providing him with technical excellence in cutting, colouring and first class customer service.

Davids passion and confidence enabled him to run his own successful business, which he has done for over 12 years.

Davids services include unisex cutting, all colouring techniques and Brazilian blow dries.

David is always happy to provide a consultation before an appointment is booked.

Contact Number – 07969 029285


Mary O’Doherty has been hairdressing for around 12 years. Mary is a unisex stylist and colourist, using both Wella and L’oreal colour.

Mary has had advanced colour training at the Wella World Studio London.
Mary offers a range of treatments for hair including Brazilian keratin treatment and L’oreal fibrecuetic (Botox for hair).

Mary is available at Jaimie J’s on Thursday’s, Friday’s and Sarurday’s.

Contact Number – 07946 887687


Eleanor Henderson is a British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) registered acupuncturist. She completed her degree at UEL in Stratford and received a diploma in Clinical Practice whilst working in China.

Eleanor has previously worked in sports massage so has a deep understanding of anatomy & physiology. She specialises in women’s health, back, neck & shoulder pain, headaches & migraines, & osteoarthritis. Acupuncture may help with much more so please visit www.acupuncturesoutheast.co.uk for more information.

Contact Number – 07779006821


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