Welcome to Jaimie J

Jaimie J is a London based specialist hair extension salon. This means we provide an excellent service and have fantastic knowledge of hair extensions. We have been providing first class customer service for many years including excellent aftercare support and advice.

At Jaimie J we use different brands and methods of Hair Extensions. The brands include Hairdreams, Racoon International, Wonderful and Prostyles. We will have something for every hair type and a consultation will determine which system is best for you.

Hairdreams is a system that is the of the highest quality. Hairdreams only works with the best and highest grade hair, which is procured all over the world in adherence with strict ethical principles. Hairdreams also has a fabulous range of products that compliment the extensions and your own hair.

Racoon International Hair and Products are a quality registered Hair Extension company in the United kingdom. Racoon International have also developed products that are formulated specifically for hair extensions.

Wonderful hair Extensions is another brand of extensions used at Jaimie J. It is a cold fusion system which uses ultra sound instead of heat to seal the extensions. Wonderful also has a great range of products to go with the hair extensions.

Prostyles is a hair extensions system that uses synthetic hair. It looks completely natural and is brilliant for styling.

Jaimie J is a salon you can trust to recieve the best possible hair extensions for you, as well as comprehensive advice and aftercare. You will be given a free consultation so as to ascertain your suitability for hair extensions,discuss prices and types of hair and be given an expert colour matching service. You will recieve your own copy of the no obligation consultation form. Once you decide to go ahead with your hair extensions you will be given a written aftercare booklet and a complimentary maintenance appointment to ensure you are enjoying your extensions to the fullest.

We look forward to welcoming you at Jaimie J in our relaxed, friendly and inviting salon. Where the personal touch is the most important aspect for our clients.