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Hair Extensions are Jaimie J’s “thing”. That means that she has done nothing but hair extensions for 16years, that’s a long time, you could say she is a specialist. In fact that is what Jaimie is.

Jaimie has been in the industry for long time, training originally in synthetic hair extensions as that was really the only thing on the market. Over the years as new brands and new methods have come about, Jaimie has researched and experimented with the different systems. This means that currently she carries 5 brands of hair extensions. Why you ask? The reason for having 5 brands is because each system isn’t suitable for all hair types, by having variety it means you can always have something for everyone.

Jaimie is a dedicated specialist in hair extensions, able to offer a completely bespoke service for every hair type. You’ll meet Jaimie for a one to one consultation where she will thoroughly check out your hair, your expectations and come up with a tailor made service for you.

With Jaimie you will be in excellent safe hands, with nearly two decades worth of experience behind her you will find out all you need to know about hair extensions.

Our Fantastic Brands

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Our Services

Pre-Bonded Human Hair

Non Pre-Bonded Human Hair

Synthetic Hair

Micro Weft & LA Weave


  • March 11, 2015
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    Hair Extensions, minefield right? Especially if you have never had them before or don’t know anyone who has them. People have lots of questions and quite rightly so, as there are plenty of things to consider. No one brand of hair extensions is suitable for every hair type out there, so by carrying more than… Read More

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